franquin #1.
22/06/2009, 19:44
Filed under: franquin, kleines & makro.

franquin walked down the road. the coercive geometry of his new neighbourhood, everything was serialized in some subliminal perceivable mathematical structure, urged him to feel kinda awkward about his situation.

it seemed to him, the more he approached his destination, the sound of his presence increased in loudness. „how deafening!“ were his last thoughts before he puked on a flawless bed of tulips.

he felt passersby gazing at him and tried to locate human resonance. he couldn’t. when he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by about four or five men bending over him. they had no face at all, but just one giant yellowish-red eye and a tremendous wide mouth, that emitted nothing but pure coldness…


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